Frequently Asked Auditions Questions

If you have any further questions please email or call (901) 729-8077

Q: What is a SDP audition like?
A: A SDP audition is a larger group audition that usually lasts 3 hours.  All students will still be asked to sing individually with dance auditions to follow.

Q: Should I arrive early to my audition time?
A: Yes!  You will want to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes early to fill out your audition paperwork.  ***Late arrivals will not be admitted to auditions and will be asked to sign up for a later time if space is available.

Q: What should I wear to auditions?
A: Please wear something you can dance and move in

Q: How will I know if I'm supposed to go to callbacks?
You will be emailed with all callback information

Q: Can I sign up for more than one audition time?
A: No

Q: Are food or snacks provided at an audition?
A: No they are not provided. You are welcome to bring snacks and water as there will be a small break between vocal and dance auditions.


Q: How will I know if I have been cast in a show?
A: The SDP staff will email you after casting is complete!  You will receive an email notifying you whether you have been cast in the production or not.  If you have been cast in the production you will be asked to confirm that you accept your role in the production or not.

Q: How long does casting take?
A: Casting can take up to two weeks

Q: What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule?
A: You may still audition, however you may not be cast.  In order to keep our rehearsal process short we avoid casting those with too many conflicts.

Q: What if I have conflicts with TECH rehearsals or SHOWS?
A: We do not accept any conflicts for TECH rehearsals or shows. If these conflicts are added at any point you will be removed from the production

Q:What is a conflict?
A: A conflict is anything that may prevent you from being at a scheduled rehearsal excluding unforeseen emergencies.