Stage Door Productions
Camp Information and FAQ’s

Location and Times

Q: Where do summer camps take place?
A:  SDP summer camps take place at The Kroc Center of Memphis which is located in Midtown at 800 East Parkway S. near the corner of Central Ave and East Parkway.  All camp activities take place inside the theatre.

Q: When we arrive, where do I check in my child?
A: When you enter the building, turn right until you arrive in the Theatre/Grand Hall Lobby. Check-in takes place at the counter directly outside the theatre.

Q: When does camp begin and end? When can I drop off and pick up my child?
A: Camps take place from 9:00am and end at 5pm. Check-in begins at 8:45am and pick-up begins at 4:45pm and ends at 5:15pm.

Check-In/Out Procedures

Q: Do I need to walk my child in to check-in or can I drop them off outside the building?
A: For safety reasons, we require that all campers must arrive with a guardian or adult.  This insures that your child arrives from the parking lot to our check-in table.  If a child arrives unattended we will inform the primary contact immediately.

Q: Can I drop my child off before 8:45am and have them sign themselves in?
A: Due to morning training with interns and staff we do not allow check-in before 8:45am. However, we do offer Before Care that starts at 7:30am every day of camp.  Campers cannot sign themselves in.

Q: Do I need to show any ID or document to drop off or pick-up my child?
A: While no ID is required to drop off a camper, anyone on the Approved Pick-Up List must have a photo ID when picking up a child. If the person picking up your child does not have a photo ID, then we will contact the primary guardian immediately.

Q: What if I am a long-time camp parent or I am attending multiple camps, do I still need to show my ID every day even if staff knows who I am?
A: Since it is camp protocol, even if we know who you are, you must present a photo ID when picking up a camper.  Most of the time check-out is handled by interns, many who do not know every parent individually.  For their safety and the safety of your child, we require all Pick-Ups to have a photo ID.

Q: If I am running late, who do I contact?
A: That would be the Camp Director or his Summer Assistant. They can be reached via email at or by phone at 901.729.8083.

Q: If I am late to picking up my camper, where do they go and is there a Late Pick-Up Fee?
A: We will have this camper join the After-Care group and you will be charged a fee after 5:15pm.

Before/After Care

Q:  Where does Before and After Care take place and where do I sign them in?
A: Before and After Care takes place in a classroom down the hall from the theatre. Signs will point you in the direction you need to go to check-in or check-out your child.

Q: What happens in Before and After Care? Is my child allowed to bring any books, games, or toys?
A: Before and After Care is not a continuation of camp curriculum but is instead a time for campers to read, play board games, interact with other campers, or relax before or after camp. Campers are not allowed to bring their own items, games or toys.


Q: Can my child miss a day of camp or part of a day of camp?
A: While camp attendance is the prerogative of campers and their families, their absence does affect their learning, the other campers, and can restrict the roles we cast them in. If you need to miss any time during camp, please contact the Camp Director before the Monday of camp.


Q: Is there a performance scheduled for the camp production and who can attend?
A: There is a public performance on the Friday of each camp at 5:30pm that is open to family, friends, and the community.

Q: How much are tickets and when can I purchase them?
A: All tickets are Pay What You Can and general seating. We do not sell tickets early and they are sold on a first come, first served basis. Tickets go on sale right before the performance. You pay what you can afford. All proceeds go to support SDP programming and help to keep all performances Pay What You Can.


Q: Does SDP provide my camper with food and drink for snacks and lunch?
A: No. We ask that all campers bring their own snacks and lunch. We recommend that your student has enough food to last them a long and active day. Please make sure that your child eats before coming to camp as it can be a while before their first break. We also highly encourage that you supply your child with a water bottle. Please make sure that all bags, containers, and water bottles are clearly labeled. All SDP Camps are a PEANUT FREE.

Q: Can I have food delivered for my child?
A: No.

Q: Can my child order food from the Kroc Café?
A: No. Because of how long the wait time can be during the summer, we do not allow campers to purchase anything from the café.

Q: Is there a microwave or refrigerator available for my child to use for their food?
A: No. We ask that all campers come with food that doesn’t need refrigeration or heating.  Also, please pack any utensils or napkins your child might need.

Q: Are any foods restricted at camp?
A: Due to a high number of allergies amongst campers and summer staff, SDP Camps are a PEANUT FREE ZONE. Please plan accordingly when packing meals. We view this as a necessary health precaution for our campers, interns, and staff members.


Q: What should my camper wear to camp?
A: We ask that campers wear clothes they can move around in; nothing that makes them feel uncomfortable or exposed while exploring character movement, participating in theatre games, or dancing. We encourage that campers refrain from wearing dresses, heels, sandals, and excessive jewelry that might get caught.

Q: Do I need to purchase any dance shoes or are tennis shoes alright?
A: If your child does have jazz shoes that they prefer to wear in rehearsals, then they are free to wear them. Otherwise, a good pair of tennis shoes works perfectly. For safety reasons, we do not allow students to wear sandals or flip flops. If a student arrives to camp without a closed toed shoe, we will contact the primary guardian immediately to bring proper footwear.

Q: Do we need to supply any items for a show costume?
A: While SDP does supply a colored t-shirt for each character/ensemble and any accessories needed for the performance, we do require that all campers supply their own pants for the show. This is typically either black pants or blue jeans. This information will either be supplied before the camp begins or during the camp week.


Q: Is there a room or locker that my child can store items during camp?
A: No. We ask that campers do not bring any items of value to camp as SDP staff and interns cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Students are allowed to bring a backpack/bag with them that will stay in the theatre.

Q: If my child leaves behind any items, is there a Lost and Found in the Kroc Center?
A: For any items lost in the building, please check with the Kroc Center front desk.  SDP does not maintain our own lost and found so all items left are given to the front desk.

Health and Medication Policies

Q: If my child has medication, an inhaler, epinephrin pen, etc. that they need, can I drop those items off with staff?
A: Yes. While we do not store personal items, we will keep track of any medical needs of a camper. If medicine needs to be refrigerated, please inform the staff before camp begins so we can make accommodations. These items must be picked up by the final check-out on Friday.

Q: Can staff administer any medication for my child?
A: No. Because of liability, we do not administer any medicine to a camper. We ask that a camper be capable of self-administering their medicine or that the parents/guardians arrange to administer this during camp hours. Staff can be a witness to the child’s administration of medicine but cannot give medicine to campers.


Q: Does my child need to prepare anything for camp auditions?
A: Not at all. Your child will learn all audition material during the first day of camp. This can include any text, music, and dance.

Q: Are all campers guaranteed a speaking role?
A: No. We strictly follow how lines have been created in the script and do not add lines to the production, split up roles, or double cast characters over multiple scenes. We are focused on telling a story as the writers intended. This means that we focus on telling the best version of the show with lead characters, supporting roles, and ensembles.  Every child in the camp has an important role in telling the story.  We stress the importance of ensemble in the creative process.

Q: Can my child audition separately if they are uncomfortable of auditioning in front of the whole camp?
A: We strongly encourage campers to audition in front of everyone since that is such an important learning experience for every person. It is ok to be nervous. Nerves affects the most accomplished performers. Staff and interns will assist with each camper’s audition to provide the most challenging but comfortable audition environment.

Q: When are cast lists announced or posted?
A: We send out all cast lists via email by the end of Monday. We strive to have these sent right after camp hours. Please look for these before attending camp Tuesday morning.  Casting is at the discretion of SDP staff.  Interns have no decision-making position in casting and we ask that parents do not question interns about casting.  Once casting has been made there will be no negotiation on roles.  Adverse reaction to casting will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of a student from the camp with no refunds.

Additional Information

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via email.

Before you arrive to camp you will receive a welcome letter and a copy of the camp production notes which details all the above information and includes additional and updated information.