A Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Molly Brennan!

Check out our Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Molly Brennan ! Lifetime of Christmas runs December 7-17, 2017. All performances are Pay What You Can! Click Here for more information on A Lifetime of Christmas!

Question:  What is your favorite holiday memory and why?

Molly B: My favorite holiday memory is when my brother and I were younger, and had a habit of waking up super early. Our dad had made it super clear that we couldn't wake him up, make any loud noises, or open presents until he had finished his first cup of coffee. So when Conor and I were "patiently" waiting, we spent the whole morning shaking and holding our presents to guess what we got. 

Question: Why are you excited to share this show with your community?

Molly B: Christmas shows are always my favorite, and they bring such an excitement and happiness to everybody seeing the show. The show will put the cast in a wonderful spirit, and be so much fun to share with others!