A Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Raejah Bratcher

Check out our Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Raejah Bratcher! Lifetime of Christmas runs December 7-17, 2017. All performances are Pay What You Can! Click Here for more information on A Lifetime of Christmas!

Question:  What is your favorite holiday memory and why?

Raejah: My favorite holiday memory would have to be waiting up with my siblings on Christmas Eve. We always had our little 'sibling meeting' earlier in the day that usually consisted of my brother just walking into my room and announcing "I'm not going to sleep tonight". Then from there we'd all sleep on a pallet in my sister and my room while we talked about what we thought we were getting. Every 30 minutes or so we'd send one of us to the living room to peak. The funny thing is, we never saw anything! I guess it was more about the excitement than anything!

Question: Why are you excited to share this show with your community?

Raejah: I'm super excited to share this show because of all the different things we're doing and all the different ages of people in the show! I'm happy to see the camp kids, I'm happy to see the parents, I'm just happy! Also, I love that Brandon and Lindsay are in the show with us. It's always magical to see them perform, even if it's just in rehearsal, because that's something we don't get to see often. 

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