A Lifetime of Christmas Interview with Charlotte Butler!

Check out our Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Charlotte Butler! Lifetime of Christmas runs December 7-17, 2017. All performances are Pay What You Can! Click Here for more information on A Lifetime of Christmas!

Question:  What is your favorite holiday memory and why?

Charlotte: My favorite holiday memory would have to be when my parents began hosting our Family Christmas dinner and celebration at our home a few years ago. We didn't do a traditional gift exchange. Instead we played various  Christmas games on Christmas Eve. It has become a wonderful family tradition for us to sing, laugh, and be silly all while recognizing our King's birth. I love it because my entire family is together, (grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins with my parents, brothers and myself), and we have the best time making lifelong memories!

Question: Why are you excited to share this show with your community?

Charlotte: I am excited to share this show with our community because it is full of  Christmas classics- songs we all know and love that are sure to bring families together, and spread holiday cheer. I can't think of a better way to experience the Christmas season!