A Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Linzie Mullins!

Check out our Lifetime of Christmas Cast Interview with Linzie Mullins! Lifetime of Christmas runs December 7-17, 2017. All performances are Pay What You Can! Click Here for more information on A Lifetime of Christmas!

Question: What is your favorite holiday memory and why?

Linzie: I have two that I must share... 1. Every year my family gets around a birthday cake and sings happy birthday to Jesus... all of us are over 27 years old and we STILL do this. My mom bakes the same cake each year and we are required to eat before opening presents! 2. When I was very young my grandmother wrapped an empty box thinking that there was something inside it and put my name on the gift tag. I got to my last present to open, and it was the empty box. I was very young, maybe 6 or 7, so I cried and made a big deal about it! Every year she still wraps an empty box for me... and last year it was a blue Tiffany's box!

Question: Why are you excited to share this show with your community?

Linzie: Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. I am so excited to share the joy of Christmas with my family and friends. But, I am mostly excited to share this show with my voice students. I have loved getting to know them and working with them on a weekly basis, but this experience will make our relationships even stronger. Averie, Amalia, Kasey, Zoey, and Mollie, let's do this!