Cinderella Cast Interview with Catherine Kellett

Catherine Kellett (Villager) will be performing in Cinderella May 4-14!

Q: What is one of your biggest dreams that you wish you could make into a reality? What would you do once this dream became real?

A: I wish I could have superpowers. I could heal people with cancer and save people that can't save themselves.

Q: If you had your own magic carriage to take to the ball, what would it look like?

A: My carriage would be a boat that had a drum set on it that I could entertain my guests with.

Q: If you were to throw your own royal ball, who would you invite and why?

A: I would invite Lin Manuel Miranda, Jeremy Jordan, Jonathan Groff, Melissa Benoist, Lea Michelle, Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, and of course my family because those are all my favorite people in the whole world.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in this production and why?

A: I am looking forward to spending time with the loving SDP family I know and cherish.

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