Cinderella Cast Interview with Laura Ann Lothrop

Laura Ann Lothrop (Godmother) will be performing in Cinderella May 4-14!

Q: What is one of your biggest dreams that you wish you could make into a reality? What would you do once this dream became real?

A: I would absolutely love to spend a day in Kavala, Greece. It's so beautiful and relaxing. I would probably spend some time in the markets eating and splurging on cultural delicacies, and then finish my day by the sea. I wouldn't last five minutes without taking a picture, everything is so stunning.

Q: If you had your own magic carriage to take to the ball, what would it look like?

A: I'd want mine to be covered in bright flowers and twisting vines! Flowers in every color from light blue to yellow to pink to purple surrounded by leaves and butterflies! The inside of the carriage would be spacious and comfortable with fuzzy blankets and pillows. The best part would be the hot cocoa dispenser for chilly trips to the ball.

Q: If you were to throw your own royal ball, who would you invite and why?

A: Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, and Keira Knightley would definitely be on my list! These ladies have influenced me my entire life with their talent, grace, and intelligence. I especially blame my affinity for sarcasm on Katherine Hepburn, who I would say perfected the art. I would give anything and everything for a conversation with them. It would be an understatement to call them my biggest inspirations.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in this production and why?

A: I'm looking forward to the creativity! My favorite part of every show is the period right after everyone has everything memorized and comfortable, and you get to start playing around with your character and their motivations! I think it's when the show really gets its magic and starts coming together. It makes everything so exciting to make creative choices and take some risks.

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