Cinderella Cast Interview with Morgan Celeste Paley

Morgan Celeste Paley (Maiden) will be performing in Cinderella May 4-14!

Q: What is one of your biggest dreams that you wish you could make into a reality? What would you do once this dream became real?

A: I want to attend NYU for performing arts or the Boston Conservatory of music. I would like to be a successful performer preferably on Broadway.

Q: If you had your own magic carriage to take to the ball, what would it look like?

A: I am pretty sure I would teleport and float in to the room like Elphaba but probably not green.

Q: If you were to throw your own royal ball, who would you invite and why?

A: Lin-Manuel Miranda would be my prince and I don't think I would care if anyone else attended. Because. Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in this production and why?

A: I am new in Memphis and so excited about the performing arts opportunities here. I really like the people at Stage Door and really appreciate the mission and the way it is run. I hope to get to know Stage Door better and make theatre kid friends.

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