Junie B. Jones Jr. Cast Interview with Charly Nanney!

Q: What was your favorite book series when you were young?

A: I loved (still do) the Warrior Cats books. Something about the unforgiving and brutal nature of the wild enthralled me.

Q: If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would tell yourself when you were in the first grade?

A: Well I'd first have her write down all of the great comebacks I've thought of since then, plus all of the things that get her into major trouble. But in the live-advice department I'd tell her to be less cynical.

Q: What would you bring to show and tell for the cast if you could bring one thing and why?

A: Okay, so I pretty much have my personal journal (basically my own "Top Secret Personal Beeswax.") I write how I'm feeling and story ideas. It's not very long but I have some pretty fun memories in there.

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