Junie B. Jones Jr. Production Staff Interview with Company Manager, Rachel Moore!

Q: What was your favorite book series when you were young?

A: This is a really hard question to answer because I read like a fiend as a child. The first book series I ever read was the Boxcar Children, so that one will always be special. I also loved the Nancy Drew books, as well as Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I think the last two resonated with me the most because they showed that it was okay for a girl to be smart and enjoy "nerdy" things, even though that wasn't quite as popular of an idea when I was younger.

Q: If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would tell yourself when you were in the first grade?

A: I would tell myself to stop competing with the boy next to me to see who could have the smallest handwriting, because it is almost definitely part of the reason that my handwriting is like chicken scratch now.

Q: What would you bring to show and tell for the cast if you could bring one thing and why?

A: I would bring my dogs because they are the two greatest things in the world.

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