Junie B. Jones Jr. Production Staff Interview with SDP Associate Director, Raejah Bratcher!

Q: What was your favorite book series when you were young?

A: My favorite series throughout elementary school would have to be Junie B. Jones. When I was in the 2nd grade, my english teacher would read us a chapter a day, it was always one of my favorite parts of school and it’s part of the reason I turned into such an advid reader as a young person.

Q: If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would tell yourself when you were in the first grade?

A: I would tell myself NOT to be so annoying to my teachers. Now that I’m older and I realize more what teachers go through, I’d tell myself to be the best student I could be and to try not to stress them out so much. I’d also tell myself to appreciate the good teachers that I had, because one day I’d wanna be a teacher just like them!

Q: What would you bring to show and tell for the cast if you could bring one thing and why?

A: I’d bring my memory box from when I was in elementary school! It has playbills from the shows I was in when I was their age, pictures, a journal with notes from all my classmates to me, my perfect attendance/ honor roll awards, and even my old cabbage patch doll Lilian!

Join us for Junie B. Jones Jr. Oct. 18-28!