Junie B. Jones Jr. Production Team Interview with SDP Executive Director, Lindsay Kelly!

Q: What was your favorite book series when you were young?

A: It wasn’t really a series but it was a collection. I loved reading The Great Illustrated Classics! They were classic book titles that were condensed for younger readers with special artwork to introduce young readers to the great authors and stories of the world!

Some of my favorites included Journey to the Center of the Earth, Call of the Wild, and Great Expectations! I collected them all and still have the collection. When I was older I transitioned into reading the full books and collecting classic literature. These children books played a huge part in that!

Q: If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would tell yourself when you were in the first grade?

A: That it’s better to have one or two true friends than a ton of fake friends. Sometimes you spend so much time trying to fit in that you never spend the time to find out who you really are.

Q: What would you bring to show and tell for the cast if you could bring one thing and why? 

A: I would say our dogs but bringing our four dogs into rehearsal would result in chaos! So I would probably bring in my record player and my record collection. I collect musical theatre original cast albums, children’s albums (from the 80s of course! Yay muppets!) and classic pop artists of the decades... so everything from Bing Crosby to Michael Jackson.

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