Elf Jr. Cast Interview with Lena McMillin!

Q: If you could spend one Christmas filled day with Buddy the Elf what would you do?  

A: If I could spend one day with Buddy, I would ask him to help decorate my house for Christmas and to take me ice-skating .

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

A:  My all-time favorite Christmas movie is "A Year Without A Santa Claus" because I love the songs and I have been watching the movie since I was very young and it is one of those movies that you can watch with both little kids and adults.

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday memory?   

A: For Christmas, we go to my grandmother's house in Birmingham, where my cousins also live. On Christmas Eve, we make lasagna and sausage, the adults eat in the dining room and the kids eat in the kitchen. My aunt, my uncle, and my two cousins all spend the night, so the parents sleep in my room and the kids all bunk together. In the morning, we wake up between 5 and 6 so we sneak downstairs to our basement playroom before we get to open presents at eight.

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