Elf Jr. Cast Interview with John Schuessler!

Q: If you could spend one Christmas filled day with Buddy the Elf what would you do?

A:  We would start by watching Christmas specials, including the movie "Elf."  I'd try souvlaki with him for the first time. I'd be sure to show him my Christmas music playlist on my Alexa. Then we'd write 1,000 Christmas cards and letters to Santa (he has that direct line to the North Pole). We would finish off the day by introducing him to the gracious cast and crew of "Elf: the Musical Jr." at Stage Door!

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?  

A: Phineas and Ferb "Christmas Vacation" because it is the best Christmas special I've ever watched. "Got that Christmas feeling. I take it everywhere I go." 

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday memory?

A: On the morning of Christmas Eve 2015 when I got my dog Muddy. I didn't pick him; he picked me!

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