Elf Jr. Cast Interview with Rocky Turnage!

Q: If you could spend one Christmas filled day with Buddy the Elf what would you do?  

A: Buddy and I would decorate for Christmas, shop for presents, and eat way too much food. And most importantly, we’d write our letters to Santa!

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

A:  A Christmas Story is without a doubt a personal favorite. I’ve watched it with my family every year on Christmas day for as long as I can remember.

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday memory?  

A: Let me set the scene. The Christmas of 2009, and I’m six years old. My brother and I had begged for a cute puppy for over a month. My mom repeatedly said no to the idea of having a dog, but on the morning of December 25th we hear a knock on the door. It’s my aunt with a puppy in her arms! We got to keep him, and my brother decided to name him “Gator.” It was a great Christmas.

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