Elf Jr. Cast Interview with Oakley Weddle!

Q: If you could spend one Christmas filled day with Buddy the Elf what would you do?  

A: I would make gingerbread houses with him, go jump on mattresses at the nearest Macy's, find Santa of course, eat spaghetti with chocolate chips, pop-tarts and maple syrup mixed in and of course spread Christmas cheer for ALL to hear.

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?  

A: I would have to say ELF or Polar Express. Elf, because it's always been a family classic at Christmas time. We usually watch it on Christmas Eve and laugh ourselves silly at Buddy with his hilarious antics and the characters journey from bitterness to joyfulness. And Polar Express, because it reminds me of that childhood wonder that I had once. Waking up early in the morning, peeking down the stairs just exploding in my shoes!! It's a very bittersweet movie in how it portrays growing up and forgetting. But if we look deep inside us, we all can still hear the bell of Christmas. 

Q: What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday memory?

A: I'd have to say this last Christmas. You see, at my church, there is an exceptional service each year on Christmas Eve. For as long as I could remember, my grandfather would sing one of his favorite songs, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." every year. So many years after he passed, I had the privilege to continue the legacy and sing that song this past Christmas Eve. It was an extraordinary moment for me and cathartic to feel so connected with my grandfather again. He loved to sing, and that was a driving connection with the two of us. When I was singing, it felt as if he was singing with or through me. It was such a simple moment, but yet so profound to me. The rest of the night I spent with my family, and that joy overflowed into the next day. Christmas is about being with the ones you love and reflecting on who you have in your life. And boy am I thankful for them! 

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