Into the Woods Jr. Cast Interview with Oakley Weddle!

We are so excited for Into the Woods Jr. running February 22-March 4! Mark your calendars today to see Oakley Weddle as the Baker in the High School cast of Into the Woods Jr.!

Question 1: What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

A: My favorite fairy tale is Beauty And The Beast. I have always loved the characters and story of it all. The way Belle makes the beast love again and almost "unfreezes" his life is magical.  

Question 2: Why do you think fairy tales are still important in today's society?

A: Reading and telling tales of magic and make believe lands have been apart of society for a long time and are still relevant and still important in this day in age. I think it's nice to have something that you can read and be transported to another places that are so ridiculous, it's extraordinary! It's also important for adults to read fairy tales because sometimes it's just nice to feel like a kid again. After all isn't that the point?  

Question 3: If you could be any fairy tale character which one would you be and why?

A: Probably Captain Hook or Jiminy Cricket. How fun would it be to always wear those cool hats?! 

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