Into the Woods Jr. Interview with John Schuessler!

We are so excited for Into the Woods Jr. running February 22-March 4! Mark your calendars today to see John Schuessler as the Wolfe in the Middle School cast of Into the Woods Jr.!

Question 1: What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

A: Hansel and Gretel is my favorite fairy tale. They say they don't have food, but they leave a trail of bread crumbs? Also because it's German.

Question 2: Why do you think fairy tales are still important in today's society?

A: They are original and special. They're still relatable because the stories relate to our lives.

Question 3: If you could be any fairy tale character which one would you be and why?

A: I would be Puss in Boots because ... that accent!  He's also a warrior cat. Mrowr!