Into the Woods Jr. Cast Interview with Cade Forbes!

We are so excited to produce Into the Woods Jr. running February 22-March 4! Mark your calendars today to see Cade Forbes as Cinderella's Prince in the High School Cast of Into the Woods Jr.!

Question 1: What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

A: My favorite fairy tale is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” because it teaches you to be grateful for what you have. My parents have always worked so hard to provide for our family, and I have always been so grateful for them and the rest of my family and friends! Being grateful for what you have will always be one of my lessons to teach others. 

Question 2: Why do you think fairy tales are still important in today's society?

A: Fairy tales are important in today’s society, because they give us light in this dark world. They show that there are sometimes happy endings when you least expect them. Also, they teach children morals and that you have to work for a good outcome of life. Fairy tales give us all hope for a life full of happily ever afters! 

Question 3: If you could be any fairy tale character which one would you be and why?

If I could be any fairy tale character, I would choose to be Peter Pan. He has always been one of my favorite characters, and will forever be my major dream role! I also admire that he has never had to grow up and gets to just be a kid while having few responsibilities. Let’s be honest, who truly wants to grow up, and have tons of adult responsibilities??