Lion King Jr. Cast Interview with Wendy Forrester!

SDP is thrilled to be working with Wendy Forrester in Lion King Jr. Check out the SDP Actor Interview below and mark your calendars to see Lion King Jr, May 3-13!

Q: What was your first experience with the Lion King story?

A: My first experience with the Lion King story was watching the movie with my family when I was 4 years old. I love the way the art and animation are done!

Q:  Why do you think people relate to Lion King?

A: People relate to Lion King because we all experience hurt and grief. And when we see opportunities to “forget about it” (hakuna matata), we want to take it because we’re humans. But we all must see that humans make mistakes, and we can learn from them instead of run from them. 

Q:  What has the story of Lion King taught you?

A: The story of Lion King has taught me that people often do run from their mistakes, and from their past. But the truth is that everyone should learn from their mistakes instead of run from them. 

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