Lion King Jr. Cast Interview with Spencer Gallagher!

SDP is thrilled to be working with Spencer Gallagher in Lion King Jr. Check out the SDP Actor Interview below and mark your calendars to see Lion King Jr, May 3-13!

Q: What was your first experience with the Lion King story?

A: Well when I was younger I remember watching older Disney movies on VHS tapes and one of the most common movies we watched was Lion King and I just fell in love with the story.

Q:  Why do you think people relate to Lion King?

A: To me, I relate to Lion King because he was cast out by the people in charge. Then he had to get back to society after time. I guess I relate to that because when I was younger I wasn't a real part of any group at my school and only recently I have gotten into a group of people that matter.

Q:  What has the story of Lion King taught you?

A: It has taught me that even if you are cast out, you can still come back better then ever.

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