Lion King Jr. Cast Interview with Ava Pence!

SDP is thrilled to be working with Ava Pence in Lion King Jr. Check out the SDP Actor Interview below and mark your calendars to see Lion King Jr, May 3-13!

Q: What was your first experience with the Lion King story?

A: My first Lion king experience was when I was little and first watched the movie. After seeing Broadway's "Wicked" I went on to research other Broadway shows including Lion King. I continue to watch video clips online and listen to the soundtrack.

Q:  Why do you think people relate to Lion King?

A: I believe that Lion King is relatable because people can connect with the fact that there are many different people in this world. They can be represented by the variety of animals in this production. 

Q:  What has the story of Lion King taught you?

A: The Lion King story has taught me that no matter who you are you have a roar and that no one really leaves you for good. :) 

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