Lion King Jr. Cast Interview with Oakley Weddle!

SDP is thrilled to be working with Oakley Weddle in Lion King Jr. Check out the SDP Actor Interview below and mark your calendars to see Lion King Jr, May 3-13!

Q: What was your first experience with the Lion King story?

A: I first watched the Lion King with my mom in the movie theater when they re-released it in IMAX. I was amazed by the music and emotions and beautiful scenes of love, family and life. It has always been my mom's favorite animated movie and broadway musical my brothers and I were exposed to it fairly early in our childhoods. I eventually saw the broadway show at The Orpheum a few years ago and I fell in love with the innovative costumes and lush set and energetic ensemble of performers. It has always been a dream of mine to be in the show and I'm so happy to be experiencing it with this incredible company. 

Q:  Why do you think people relate to Lion King?

A: I think they relate to it because of the heartfelt message of the story. The words "They Live In You" and "He Lives In You" are so meaningful. It reminds people that our ancestors and our loved ones will always be apart of us. No matter the pain of loss, The Lion King always reminds us that "They're watching over everything we see. In every creature, in every star, in your reflection, they live in you." 

Q:  What has the story of Lion King taught you?

A: To always have pride in what you're doing. Be confident and precise in everything in your life. Never regret any decision you make and to live life to the fullest. It also helped me realize the beauty of connection. The lionesses in the show are so wonderful because even through the darkest of times they are still together and still believe in Nala and their family. The Lion King is an emotional rollercoaster full of happiness and sorrow. But that's just the circle of life. It moves us all. Come see The Lion King Jr.! 

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