Lion King Jr. Cast Interview with Charlotte Butler!

SDP is thrilled to be working with Charlotte Butler in Lion King Jr. Check out the SDP Actor Interview below and mark your calendars to see Lion King Jr, May 3-13!

Q: What was your first experience with the Lion King story?

A: My first experience with the Lion King story was when I was about five years old. My little brother got the DVD for Christmas, and we all watched it together for our traditional monthly family movie night!  I just loved the movie- especially all the music!

Q:  Why do you think people relate to Lion King?

A: This story is relatable to all of us. Sometimes, we get scared of a big responsibility that has been placed on us. We have a tendency to run away and hide from it. But usually, it never goes away until we come out and face it. 

Q:  What has the story of Lion King taught you?

A: I feel like the Lion King has taught me that I can’t run away from things I know I must face. Because hiding from it just prolongs my struggle. 

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