Announcing the cast of JTF19: MTH: Pirates Past Noon!


Junior Theatre Festival 2019 Cast List


First Mate- Vera Brown

Jack- Nick Butler

Annie- Averie Howell

Captain Bones- Oakley Weddle



Slinky- Lily Anderson

Stinky- Steve Williams

Jonah- Olivia Kaiser

Polly/Morgan- Xea Goolsby

Pirate Ensemble

Brooke Story, Morgen Story, Rocky Turnage, Camille Smith, Lizzy Fowlkes, Henry Hartman, Molly Gallagher, Able Murphy, Fallon Drzyzga, Iris Baldridge, Celia Dupuy, Brokke Scott, Jasmine James, Elizabeth Dell’Orco, Emma Bell, Kendall McLane, Kelsey Moultrie, John Schuessler, Noah Brooks, Micaela Decremer, Graham Brewer, Vivie Myrick