Once on this Island Jr. Cast Interview with Donavan Chung!

Q: If you could control either love, death, water, or earth like the gods in the show, which one would you choose and why?

A: Water, because it takes up more than half of the earth and it would be very cool to be able to brew a storm or cause a flood.

Q: "Why We Tell the Story" is just one of the amazing songs in Once on this Island! Why do you think telling a story through the arts is still important to society? 

A: Telling a story put to song or in an artistic way has more feeling than using just words. It brings it to life and the people who are experiencing the story can be brought to a different place.

Q: Why are you most excited about sharing this particular story with your community?

A: The final part of the show,” We Tell the Story” because it tells why the story was told in the first place and the reason it brings to keep on telling the story. I’m excited to be a part of something that I have worked hard on and to show others that they can express themselves in different ways.

Mark your calendars to join us for a performance Sept. 13-23!