Once on this Island Jr. Cast Interview with Cecilia Hartney!

Q: If you could control either love, death, water, or earth like the gods in the show, which one would you choose and why?

A: Love because love is an important part of our lives. We need love to be kind toward each other. Bringing love into difficult situations will improve them. It could make our world a better place.

Q: "Why We Tell the Story" is just one of the amazing songs in Once on this Island! Why do you think telling a story through the arts is still important to society? 

A: It is important to tell stories through the arts for a lot of reasons. When you artistically tell a story it's easier to remember. People can learn from these stories and not repeat the mistakes of the past. It's also great entertainment!

Q: Why are you most excited about sharing this particular story with your community?

A: I am excited to show people what Once on this Island is about. It just won a Tony award this year for best revival of a musical!

Mark your calendars to join us for Once on this Island Jr. Sept. 13-23!