Mary Poppins Jr. Cast Interview with Molly Gallagher!

Q:  What is/was your favorite activity to do with your nanny or babysitter?

A: I never really had a babysitter, but the few times I did, we would play hide and seek then sit on the couch and watch Family Feud and Jeopardy.

Q: If you could pull anything out of Mary Poppins magic bag, what would it be?

A: Honestly, I would just want to keep the bag around so that I would always have a pen. As lame as that sounds, I never have a pen when I need one.

Q: "If anything could happen", what would you like to happen?

A: If anything could happen, I think I would want the entire city to go dark during meteor shows so that I don't have to drive out to the middle of nowhere at 2am.

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