Mary Poppins Jr. Cast Interview with Oakley Weddle!

Q:  What is/was your favorite activity to do with your nanny or babysitter?

A: I always tried to find a way to make a game out of everything. Surfing through channels was a game, cooking craft macaroni while singing was a game, taking couch cushions and creating an obstacle course out of them was my favorite of all the games. And while I never had a nanny or just one babysitter, my brothers and family members would always help me or make up the games. Whether that be making the obstacle course themselves or joining in my mac and cheese adventures! 

Q: If you could pull anything out of Mary Poppins magic bag, what would it be?

A: I would pull out her umbrella so I could fly high above the rooftops of London. I'd pull out Micheal’s kite and fly it with the Banks family across the bright sky. And finally I'd pull out tuppence so I could finally feed the birds with Mary Poppins. 

Q: "If anything could happen", what would you like to happen?

A: I guess I would love for the whole world to have access to theater. I would love, that from a very young age, kids were exposed to the arts and the incredible tools that equip you for life circumstances. Watching a play, a musical or any type of art is refreshing and can inspire you to tell stories and to lead your best life. It teaches you empathy and how to understand another person's struggles. If anything could happen, that would be my one wish. Theater accessibility to ALL!

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