Madagascar Jr. Cast Interview with Sa'Maira Serca!

Q: We all know King Julian likes to "move it, move it! What's your favorite dance move?

A: My favorite dance move is definitely the “milky rock”. It’s always so easy to break out wherever you are. It is always my go to dance move! 

Q: If you could use your birthday wish to go anywhere, where would you go and why?

A: I would probably go Asia. I love Asia and their culture, considering my dad is from there, but I’ve never been. This summer I have the opportunity to go to China, but I would love to go to Thailand because that’s where my dad grew up and it would be amazing to experience it!

Q: If you were trapped in a far away place, what food would you have "fever dreams" about?

A: This is very random, but I love these little cake bubbles from IKEA. They come cold and are so soft and amazing. so yeah, my fever dreams would be about cake from IKEA, but also just cake in general. 

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