Legally Blonde Jr. Cast Interview with Marian Barber!

Q: In Legally Blonde, Elle finally gets to realize her dream of becoming a lawyer. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I would like to perform on Broadway and have a solo in an Original Broadway cast recording of a new successful show. I would also like to be a part of a national tour with a musical to visit all the different cities in America that I’ve never seen, while getting to do what I love. I would also like to do some directing with high school students, either as a director or in workshops or masterclasses.

Q: Throughout the production, Elle learns to believe in herself and accomplish things that people don't believe she is capable of. Why do you think it's important that people believe in themselves?

A: You have to believe in yourself because there will be times in your life where you do not feel support, or you feel discouraged, but you have to remember why you work hard: for yourself. How can you expect someone to believe in you if you cannot find it in yourself to believe in you? It is vital to love yourself to function as a human. Once you love who you are and you encourage yourself on the daily, you can then love others better.

Q: Throughout the show Elle is forced into a stereotype of who people think she is. Why do you think people shouldn't be boxed in and how do you think we can go about changing that?

A: When people are put into unfitting boxes by others, they can feel trapped, as if maybe that IS what they are supposed to be or become. This is a danger because if you begin to believe that you fit in the boxes others out you in, it takes away your power and places it directly in the hands of those who do not know who you truly are. A way that this can be changed is by simply not accepting it when people put you in boxes and not letting it hinder you. The less it bothers you, the more you conquer it, and the more you grow into yourself and who YOU want you to be.

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