Stage Door Productions

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Mission Statement

Stage Door Productions is a company dedicated to the creative process.  Establishing a safe, healthy, and creative environment is the backbone to personal, professional, and artistic growth.  Our accountability to the community drives us to provide such opportunities for growth so that any person willing to participate in an artistic process learns the passion to lead and the humility to follow.  The process is the product, the process is the growth, the process is our passion.


Vision and Values

Stage Door Productions strives for not only high quality but a positive experience and healthy learning environment.  The creative spirit is one that needs to be nurtured in order to reach its full potential.  When artists feel safe and supported they are able to create and dream in ways that are not possible in other working environments.

Stage Door Productions realizes the importance of everyone that dedicates a part of their life to the arts.  Whether you are a volunteer, work in administration, work behind the scenes, or grace the stage you will be treated as a vital part of the artistic process.  All pieces work together for the greater good.

Stage Door Productions values the importance of a vibrant arts community. We strive to provide programming for the Memphis Community that meets the needs of the community as a whole.