My #SDPstory: Julius Dancy


We live in a world that makes us feel incompetent, frightened, and in self-denial of who we are and what we can become. Adapting to these things allows no space for change. This was me before January 7, 2017. On that day I walked into Stage Door Productions to audition for my first play not knowing that experience alone would change my life. On that day I stepped out on faith and watched wonders happen before my eyes. I've been working with Stage Door for nine months and I've never seen so much love, passion, and structure demonstrated in one place and being taught with so much generosity.

Stage Door is my foundation in many ways other than just building a career in musical theatre, but this company has impacted my way of life. Stage Door as a company has guided me in the right direction, and it gave me a place to be myself on and off stage. Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Lindsay Kelly have built this shelter for children to showcase their talent and it is more than inspiring.

The day-to-day lessons they teach and the powerful words of truth and encouragement is what makes SDP the kind of place it is today. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly take their productions to the next level and it showed me the power behind a passion. They have allowed unique children who come from different backgrounds be together on a stage and make art and do it so gracefully.

Staying in this environment changed my demeanor and it kept me grounded and willing to push even harder to do and be more for this company. Stage Door has done many great things out of love, but one event that touched me was in September when we stopped in the middle of our Hairspray Jr. rehearsal to help the Memphis Salvation Army load goods for those in need during Hurricane Harvey. It was emotional to see each of us being given a role off stage and completing a small task with just as much love and passion as we do on stage.

I have been astonished everyday with Stage Door Productions and its remarkable mentors. The more I grow with Stage Door the more I understand my purpose and responsibility in life.  SDP is confidence, it's love, and it's growth. Everything that SDP is I have become. Being able to be a part of such a family is phenomenal, and my experiences at this wonderful place only prove the worth of its people and the goal to be the change they want to develope in the world.