A Parents Perspective: 5 Reasons I Love SDP Summer Camps by Rachel Morgan

5 Reasons I Love SDP Summer Camps

Ah summer… No alarms, lazy days at the park, and time spent relaxing with our beautiful angels...yeah, right!  With the crazy days of summer rapidly approaching, most families are already thinking about where the kids are going to spend some of their time. Whether you have work commitments , are seeking educational and enrichment opportunities, or you just need a tiny bit of alone time, Stage Door Productions summer camps are a perfect option.

There are a few important criteria that I look for when evaluating summer camp programs: Will my kids learn something, are the hours of the camp convenient, is it affordable, is it a safe environment, and most importantly, will they have fun?  Stage Door Productions not only meets all of my criteria but they continually exceed it! 

First, will my children learn something new?  At Stage Door Productions' summer camp, children will be exposed to a variety of new skills.  They will learn auditioning techniques, singing with confidence, acting, and choreography.  They will learn how to trust their directors, their cast mates, and themselves.  Most importantly, they will learn how to be silly, look foolish, and have loads of fun!  Steele and Joshua love camps because they are always challenged to take their skills further.  Even as veterans of previous camps and productions there are always new things to learn!

Second, are the hours of the camp convenient for a busy parent? We all have super busy schedules and as parents we need a summer camp that understands and embraces that.  We need a summer camp that can accommodate our early mornings and our traffic riddled evening commutes.  At Stage Door Productions' summer camp, you will find an early morning program that includes staff and mentors engaging children with games, movie time, and the occasional dance party.  There is also a quiet room available where mentors can help children with audition preparation, script memorization, or musical selections.  An after- care program is also offered and usually coincides with camp check out.  Children can play, dance, sing, or just rest until picked up.  My children love before care, it is a chance to get excited and pumped up before camp officially begins for the day. 

Third, is the summer camp affordable?  With the prices of everything on the rise we all want a camp experience that provides an excellent experience for the cost.  Stage Door Productions Summer Camps are an amazing value.  Your children will have the opportunity to work with local children's theatre professionals, mentors who have years of experience participating in children's theatre, rehearse and perform in a beautiful theatre space, and present a full length children's production for family and friends at the end of the camp! It is truly a priceless experience.

Fourth, is the summer camp safe?  As a parent, my number one priority is my children's safety.  Stage Door Productions summer camps take the safety of their campers very seriously.  All staff and mentors are thoroughly vetted, trained, and have gone through an extensive interview process.  Camp check-in requires an adult to sign children in with a staff member, all campers are required to wear SDP wrist bands and name tags for identification purposes, and daily check-out requires adults to present identification before a child is released. Children are accompanied by staff and mentors at all times.  Not only does this create a safe environment but fosters the family spirit found only at Stage Door Productions summer camps.

Last and most importantly, will my children have fun?  Stage Door Productions summer camps specialize in fun!  Acting, voice, and dance classes take place daily and encourage positivity between fellow campers.  Awesome improvisation and theatre games help to get the kids warmed up and transition between activities.  Decorating props and set pieces help bring out the creativity in every child.  Group lunch time and small group discussions allow for kids to collaborate with each other and their mentors.  Steele and Joshua have made lasting friendships and had amazing mentor relationships through the Stage Door Productions' summer camp program. 

Joshua and Steele always have a million amazing things to tell me after a day of summer camp.  Sometimes they are excited to tell me about something they have learned, but often it's stories about the successes of fellow campers.  They love being a part of the Stage Door Productions family and would love to welcome your children into the family as well!

Rachel Morgan is an amazing mother of three! Her family has participated with SDP programming and summer camps for the past three years. Her entire family is a huge part of the SDP Family and we are thrilled to know each and every one of them. 


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